Thursday, November 19, 2015

Holiday Bell Wreath

Before you start, turn your wreath over and create a wreath hanger with a loop of florist's wire (if there isn't one already). 

I also removed the original bow and the pinecones from my store-bought evergreen wreath.

To make this wreath you need:

• basic store-bought evergreen wreath

• glittery eucalyptus branches

• dried magnolia branches 

• wire cutters

• light gage florists wire

• several snowy pinecones

• set of three holiday bells (I found mine at Michaels craft store)

• plaid ribbon with wired edge (craft store)

• 3-5 large red jingle bells

Step 1: I started with one large branch of glittery eucalyptus and cut the stems into several smaller branches. (I made mine 6-10" in length)

Working up either side of the circle, insert the eucalyptus into your wreath and allow them to catch in the mix of evergreens. Create a loop of florists wire to tie each branch into the wreath.

Step 2: Cut a length of wire. Loop it around the knot holding the bells together. Poke the ends of the wire through the wreath and twist a knot on the wreath's reverse side to fix the bells in place. 

(Note: The set of three bells that I purchased came with a hanger, but the rough twine holding the bells to the hanger were too long for my purposes. I cut the bells off the original hanger and reattached them together on a shorter lengths of rope.)

Step 3: Make a plaid bow. Turn it over and run a length of florist's wire through the bow's centre knot. 

Poke the ends of the wire through the wreath and twist a knot on the wreath's reverse side to fix the bow in place. Trim away any excess wire with your wire cutters. 

Step 4: Cut your Magnolia branches into 8"- 10" lengths. Insert them into the wreath on either side of the bow and allow them to catch in the tangle of evergreen bows. Add a loop of florist's wire to tie them firmly into the wreath.

Step 5: Add a few snowy pinecones in among the evergreen branches. To make the pinecones, take some white craft paint and dry brushed "snow" onto the pinecones. Allow the paint to dry. 

Cut a length of light gage florist's wire (approx. 10-12"). Wrap the florist wire around the base of your pinecone and twist a knot to close the wire around the pinecone's base. Use the wire ends to attach the pinecones to the wreath.

Step 6: Wire some large red jungle bells in amongst the branches.

You're done! Just hang up your wreath and enjoy it.
Happy holidays!

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  1. Jennifer I know it's long past Christmas but I love this wreath and a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.