Thursday, November 19, 2015

Butterfly Holiday Wreath

To make this wreath you need:

• basic store-bought evergreen wreath

• faux red berry branches

• wire cutters

• light gage florists wire

• assorted colored butterflies

• red ribbon with white stitches along the edge

• floral pics

Before you start, turn your wreath over and create a wreath hanger with a loop of florist's wire (if there isn't a hanger already). 

I also removed the original bow and the pinecones from my store-bought evergreen wreath.

Step 1: I started with one large bunch of faux berries and cut the stems into 2 smaller branches. (I made my smaller branches about 10" in length)

Leave a spot at the bottom of the wreath for your bow. Working up either side of the circle, insert the berry branches into your wreath and allow them to catch in the mix of evergreens. Tie each branch in with a length of florist's wire.

Step 2: Make a bow. Turn it over and run a length of florist's wire through the bow's centre knot.

Poke the ends of the wire through the wreath and twist a knot on the wreath's reverse side to fix the bow in place. 

Trim away any excess wire with your wire cutters. 

Step 4: The butterflies I purchased where already wired. You could use them as is, but I decided to make mine more sturdy by wiring them onto a floral pic.

Working your way around the circular wreath, insert the butterfly pics every couple of inches. Vary the angle of insertion and alternate the color of the butterflies as you work your way around the wreath.

And you're done! There is nothing left to do now, but hang up your wreath and enjoy it.
Happy holidays!

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