Friday, May 29, 2015

A few Highlights from the Christie Antique Show

Sometimes it is the weird stuff that catches my eye. I mean- where would you put something like this?

The day was perfect for this year's Christie Antique Classic- sunny, but not too hot. 

The shoppers were out in numbers, but most seem to limit themselves to things they can carry off the show field (unlike the Big Boy Hamburger mascot).

Here is another oddity: a bull-sized barbecue pit! Can you envisage a spot for it on your back deck? 

Shabby neutrals continue to be popular.

As does homespun-look linen furniture.

Paint it turquoise and someone is bound to buy it!

I thought this update was well done, but I question the color. The piece of furniture itself suggests master bedroom, but the color says little girl's room or maybe baby's room.

I noticed that the confused color choice left this piece unsold at the end of the day.

Here the propping, color choice and the piece of furniture all say baby's room.

One of my favourite dealers does these great little arrangements using rustic antiques and flowers.

Tea with milk and sugar any one?

Coleus and other annuals in an old toolbox.

What do you think? Do flowers make a good update for this bedpan? 

The flowers were sure pretty!

A herb "pot".

And that's it for the highlights.

Have a great weekend!

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