Friday, April 10, 2015

Two Magazines to Check Out

I used to love Martha Stewart's Living, but in recent years, the magazine seems to have lost its way. I wasn't able to find a good alternative, until I accidentally stumbled upon Sweet Paul. 

Sweet Paul had everything I felt had gone missing from Martha Stewart's magazine: great lifestyle and decorating articles, yummy food and fun, crafty projects to make. The graphic design was inventive and the photography was amazing!

A print subscription for Canada was a bit prohibitive, but luckily enough the digital version was very affordable: four issues a year for $9.99

This is the Spring issue, which celebrates the magazine's 5th anniversary. The cover is an artwork by artist Helen Hoverkamp. To make her photographs, Ellen's Hoverkamp painstakingly arranges plant specimens facedown on the glass of a large format flatbed scanner. Love her work!

Wonderful food photography from the Spring Issue of Sweet Paul Magazine.

The Spring issue also includes: artful Easter eggs, cocktails and cakes, copper pipe crafts, green and fresh spring flavours, and more artwork by Ellen Hoverkamp among other things.

The Sweet Paul blog is also worth looking into.

A good friend told me about the next magazine. Covet Garden is for those of you who like quirky,"undecorated" interiors. Each issue features the home of a single person or couple. It's not a big magazine, but then size isn't everything! I find I enjoy each issue.

The best news is that a digital subscription is FREE! You sign up by email and a link to the latest issue arrives in your email inbox each month.

The magazine also has a blog and a book in print. Go check it out. You have nothing to lose!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Jennifer girl I haven't been over to this side before and wow! those magazines sound great .. I have to check them out and ? .. it might nudge me into getting a tablet to read them with ... but I spoiled myself with a new camera lately so the guilt factor might kick in .. oops ! LOL