Saturday, December 6, 2014

Partridge and Pear Evergreen Wreath How-to

To make this wreath you need:

• basic store-bought evergreen wreath

• sharp scissors or pruners to cut branches

• wire cutters

• light gage florists wire

• floral pics

• white craft paint and small artist's brush

• low heat glue gun and glue sticks

• faux red berry branch (I used one large branch)

• boxwood cuttings about 6" in length (I trimmed a few boxwood sprigs from my garden even though this is not a great time of year to be pruning box. You can also often find swags of boxwood in stores during the holidays.)

• 6 pinecones

• feathers

• clip-on partridge or similar type bird (Michaels)

• mini faux pears

• spool of red satin ribbon ( 4 yard spool of 1.5" wide ribbon)


Insert some boxwood sprigs, dogwood branches into your wreath and allow them to catch in the mix of evergreens. 

Take a large stem of faux red berries and cut the stem into several smaller branches. (I made mine 6-10" in length.) Add them to the wreath.

Apply a dab of hot glue to the bottom of the yellow mini-pears. Insert a florist's pic into the hot glue and hold it in place for a minute or so until the glue sets. 

Insert the finished pears pics into the wreath. 

Take some white craft paint and dry brush "snow" onto the pinecones. Allow the paint to dry. 

Cut a length of light gage florist's wire (approx. 10-12"). Wrap the florist wire around the base of your pinecone and twist a knot to close the wire around the pinecone's base. 

Take the extra lengths of wire and poke them through the evergreen wreath. Twist the loose ends of wire at the back of the wreath into a knot to attach the pinecones to the wreath.

Clip your partridge onto your wreath.

Gather two or three feathers together in your fingers. 

Hold them at the top of a florist's pic and wrap the fine wire around and around to create a feather pic. 

Insert several feather pics around the circumference of the wreath. 

Make a red bow. Turn it over and run a length of florist's wire through the bow's centre knot. 

Poke the ends of the wire through the wreath and twist a knot on the wreath's reverse side to fix the bow in place. 

Trim away any excess wire on your bow with your wire cutters. Turn the raw ends of wire back into the wreath so you won't get cut when you hang your wreath. 

Create a wire loop to hang the finished wreath and enjoy the holidays!

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