Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A few Highlights from Christie Classic Antique Show

Summer is a time for outdoor flea markets and antique shows. Here in Ontario, the season for bargain hunting always begins here with the Christie Classic Antique Show in mid-May.

The setting for the show is the lakefront at the Christie Conservation Area north of Hamilton. 

Lucky for all attending this spring's show, the weather was picture perfect!

Here are just a few highlights:

I wonder what he is going to do with all those frames?

Tiny shoes too small to register on an antique scale.

A vintage fan.

There were cheerful pansies everywhere.

This naked mannequin looked so bizarre standing high on a table and over looking the crowd.

Hey, you have to try it out before you buy it!

Buttons in a glass jug.

A painting of a reclining figure being carried away.

 I bought a watering can (as if I need another one) 
and a pretty oak plant stand. 

All in all, we had a wonderful afternoon!

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