Monday, January 27, 2014

Highlights from IDS 2014

Yesterday I braved the cold and took in the last day of the Toronto Interior Design Show

I don't know if it was the weather or the fact that it was the show's last day, but the floor seemed rather sparsely populated when I arrived mid-morning.  

Maybe it's just me, but I also got the impression that there were fewer exhibitors as well. Perhaps the recession continues to take a toll on big exhibitions like this.

All in all I enjoyed IDS 2014. Even though I have less involvement in the decor industry these days, it's still fun to walk around and take note of all the trends.

So...the trends of note: lots of dark, grainy wood and mixing of metals. 
Charcoal grey and black seemed to be a recurring color theme.

Cocoon always has a great room on display. 

This year they used a deep, sage-green that really grabbed your attention for better or worse. Mixed in with all the green was a cream carpet, dark wood and gold accent pieces.

The Ikea booth is another IDS standout. As they did last year, the Ikea designers grouped light fixtures to dramatic effect. 

The display kitchen had no less than four full-sized chandeliers.

The large cluster of light fixtures in the Ikea dressing room was especially striking. Everyone had to open the cupboards and peak inside, so I would have to conclude that the 
display was doing a great sales job. 

Isn't the day bed pretty?

More statement light fixtures and contemporary kitchens that mix charcoal and dark wood.

Word play at Urban Barn.

This bath display made interesting use of barn board as a backdrop. 

What do you think of that tub?

My favourite part of the show is always seeing the work of up-and-coming designers. We have some pretty talented young furniture designers here in Canada!

My second most favourite part of the show was this incredible booth by Klaus. The unfinished plywood floors and walls were a seamless backdrop for the bold contemporary furniture. 

I love, loved the fearless use of color and the oversized modern paintings resting on the floor.

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